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Beauty Salon Accidents and Injuries

Those that visit a beauty salon rarely expect to suffer personal injury while getting their hair or nails done. That’s because beauty salons aim to provide a relaxing and stress-free moment, as well as a break from the tedious tasks brought on by work. However, many things can happen in a beauty salon that could lead to personal injuries to clients. For example, a woman attending a local beauty salon for a cut and color treatment, suffered injuries and mental trauma when her hair got stuck in the dryer. Though the injuries were minor, she lost a considerable amount of hair as well as a bruised scalp. The truth is, that people fail to realize the hidden dangers that lurk in beauty salons, which may involve human error or injury from over exposure to heat or chemical products. In another situation, a client visiting a beauty salon for a facial, suffered burns on the face because of a chemical reaction brought on by an outdated product applied to her face. Here, the business operator may be held liable for her injuries as measures could have been taken to prevent the incident from happening. Whenever substances such as creams, lotions, shampoos, etc., are used on the human body, they can cause injury from allergic reactions. This may not necessarily be the business operator’s fault. However, if the stylist leaves a cream or lotion on a person’s face too long, this could lead to rashes or burns. Make-up is another skin product that may lead to an allergic or chemical reaction which can cause permanent injuries such as scarring from burns.

Some of the services that may end in personal injury include:

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