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In Miami, the accident lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm understand that long distance buses sometimes break down on the road and other times are involved in accidents that lead to injuries and losses to passengers and other motorists. Most often, long distance bus accidents that occur on the highway are the result of either poor maintenance of the vehicles or human error or negligence.

When a driver or bus company employee acts negligently, which can be by failing to maintain equipment in proper manner, speeding, tailgating, or another form of negligence, accidents may happen that result in injury or death to passengers or other motorists.


miami personal injury lawyerFollowing an accident that results in property damages or personal injury to you, friends, or relatives, in Miami, Jonathan Perazzo of the Perazzo Law Firm, highly recommends hiring a personal injury lawyer to best handle insurance claims for compensation to cover losses or medical expenses. If not, accident victims may fall victim to unfair settlements offered to them by insurance providers. It is vital that personal injury accident victims understand the importance of hiring a dedicated, experienced, and honest personal injury attorney to handle their case when they seek compensation for injuries, damages, or losses resulting from an accident. In Miami, Jonathan Perazzo and his highly-dedicated and professional personal injury staff, remind potential clients that choosing a law firm that has a good reputation in terms of results and client satisfaction, is just as important as going to the right doctor, electrician, or mechanic for service. Apart from understand the law and knowing how to confront insurance providers, a dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to help accident victims that have suffered personal injury, seek proper medical care and get access to physical therapy facilities for quality rehabilitation. Also, given the experience obtained from handling thousands of clients that have sustained bodily injury, a personal injury lawyer will be able to relate to the pain and suffering accident victims experience. Furthermore, hiring a personal injury lawyer is extremely helpful when pain and suffering causes accident victims to become overwhelmed with the legal complications that come from accidents and insurance claims. Many times, accident victims fail to remember that an insurance claim may end-up in a court of law. When this happens, a personal injury lawyer is required to carry out a successful litigation.

Why is a personal injury lawyer needed when a case goes to trial? Simply because a trial lawyer has access to vital information that a client may not know exists, and this information may make or break a case, and this is of utmost importance when financial compensation for damages and injuries is at stake.   Without a personal injury lawyer representing you or a claim, your chances of obtaining money from an insurance provider diminish considerably. Thus, to maximize the chances of obtaining the compensation you, a friend, or relative deserves for damages or injuries, hiring a professional and experienced personal injury lawyer is crucial for success when negotiating with insurance providers. Most importantly of all and to answer “why is it important to hire a personal injury lawyer?’, accident victims must realize that following an accident that results in severe damages, injuries, or losses, a personal injury lawyer will have give you peace of mind with which to focus on your recovery in the event of bodily injury that requires medical care, surgery, or extended physical rehabilitation. With peace of mind from not having to worry about legal matters stemming from the personal injury case, clients can focus on their recovery and not have to worry about the complexities of the law.

 JP-Upclose-300x300Jonathan Perazzo, founder of the Perazzo Law Firm in Miami, explains why Personal Injury Lawyers have a bad reputation 

Even the best Personal Injury Lawyers have a bad reputation and are considered by many as opportunists. However, this is a great misconception, as many people, especially personal injury clients, fail to realize how much work goes into handling a personal injury case, and how difficult it is to file a successful insurance claim for compensation.

Read what Jonathan Perazzo, a dedicated and highly professional personal injury lawyer in Miami, has to say regarding why personal injury lawyers have bad reputation, regardless of how hard they work for their clients best interests.

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