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In Miami, the best car accidents know that driving without insurance has become more common in the United State. The Perazzo Law Firm shares insight on some of the reasons behind uninsured motorists.

Miami-Car-Accident-Lawyer-300x200While drivers are bound by law to have motor vehicle insurance coverage in Florida, including Personal Injury Protection (PIP), there are various reasons why some individuals may choose to operate a motorcycle, car, or truck  without carrying motor vehicle insurance. These reasons usually vary depending on the personal circumstances of those that opt to drive an uninsured vehicle. Here are some common reasons why people may drive without having motor vehicle insurance coverage in Florida:

  • Financial Constraints: One of the primary reasons individuals may forego motor vehicle insurance is financial hardship. Some people may struggle to afford insurance premiums, especially if they have limited income or face other financial obligations. They may prioritize immediate financial needs over insurance coverage, despite the legal requirement.

Miami-Insurance-Claim-Lawyer-300x201“Car accident victims usually call too late, and then find out they don’t have enough insurance to cover their losses,” says Jonathan Perazzo of the Perazzo Law Firm in Miami.


Given his firm’s extensive track-record handling car accident claims that involve personal injury, Jonathan Perazzo, founder and personal injury lawyer, knows that medical bills, even after a minor car accident, will easily surpass the $10,000 mark.  These medical expenses will also certainly rise  when the car accident injuries require extensive physical therapy or other corrective measures such as surgery.  With medical costs rising sharply in line with inflation, car accident victims that believe to have suffered injuries, must contact a car accident lawyer immediately. Why? There are many reasons for contacting a car accident lawyer following a crash.

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