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Property owners and business operators are bound by Premises Liability laws to make sure their premises do not pose any potential risks of injuries to visitors or occupants. Thus, electrical installations  should be checked regularly and repaired when necessary. In other words, property owners play a critical role in preventing electrocution or fires in their properties.

Here are some ways property owners can help prevent electrocution or fires:

SLIP-TRIP-FALL-225x300What happens when a shopper suffers an accident at a shopping mall? In Aventura, the Perazzo Law Firm shares some recommendations after suffering personal injuries at the Aventura Shopping Mall.

With bargain hunters on a shopping rampage at the Aventura Mall, slip and fall accidents can occur when business operators are negligent and fail to prevent accidents from happening. Accidents at shopping malls can go beyond slipping on a slippery substance at the food court.

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