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One of the most common accidents involving tourist in Miami, according to accident statistics and the experience of the Perazzo Law Firm handling accident claims for visitors and locals, are car accidents. For visitors from abroad and even other U.S. cities, driving in South Florida can be daunting given all the highways that connect Miami-Dade, Broward, and Orlando, three of the most popular areas for tourists. Whether renting a vehicle or driving their own, tourists can easily take a wrong turn or miss an offramp regardless of a GPS service to help guide them to their destination. Highway accidents are the most common and they usually result in personal injury to accident victims. Most accidents that occur on highways are the result of careless lane changes which happen when motorists don’t know their way. A lane change accident can result in a collision with multiple vehicles, and this can lead to serious personal injury, which will require medical care and the help of car accident lawyer with which to file an insurance claim. Regardless of fault, insurance companies will take action to determine which of the parties involved in the accident will cover any medical expenses or losses stemming from the accident.

What to do after a car accident as a tourist?

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