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In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm’s car accident attorneys share insight regarding teenagers behind the wheel of automobiles.

car-crash-1451244-300x225The legal staff at the Perazzo Law Firm recommends that responsible parents and guardians have a serious conversation with their teenagers drivers to discuss the dangers that exist when getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in Miami. According to information available by the Florida Highway Patrol, some 3200-motor vehicle related fatalities were reported in just over 2900 accidents. These figures place Florida at the top when it comes to traffic accident-related deaths. It is estimated that close to 70,000 teens are involved in car accidents every year in Florida, with a disturbing number of these accidents resulting in fatalities to drivers and passengers in car accidents. These figures require immediate action by parents, guardians, and even the authorities to help save lives and prevent injury to teenage drivers, passengers, and other innocent third parties, because when teenagers get behind the wheel of motor vehicles, the chances of being involved in a deadly car crash are extremely high. But why? Firstly, because teenagers and cellphones literally go hand and hand, with cellphones seemingly glued to the palm of almost every teenager. Unfortunately, when teenagers are behind the wheel, their cellphones are too, with the euphoria of driving worthy of a selfie, a text message, and even a social media post. There are a number of things that responsible adults can do to highlight the dangers and foster safe driving habits for teenagers.

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