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road-work-ahead-2-1225792-300x225MOTORIST MAYHEM LOOMS IN MIAMI

In less than one month, the First Street Bridge will be shut down for three years in order to revamp the drawbridge that operates over the Miami River. According to the Florida Department of Transportation, the bridge, which allows for eastbound motorists to access downtown Miami, won’t be reopened until 2022. Hence, those hoping for a smooth commute into center city will have to ready themselves for bumpy nerve wrenching drive on what is expected to be a dose of motorist mayhem into downtown Miami. This project, according to the FDOT, is merely the first of the 55 projects aimed at improving Florida’s infrastructure, despite the headaches and rage residents will have to endure in the meantime. The plan is to modernize the 80-year old bridge by adding new seawalls along the river, build walkways by the riverbanks, include spacious bike lanes, and much more to justify the 67-plus million dollar project. Motorists may be wondering what to do and where to go in order to get to downtown Miami. Well, there are several detour options, one of which includes taking the West Flagler Street Bridge eastbound instead of westbound as the bridge will be turned into a two-way road. Motorists should visit the FDOT website for further information and learn about scheduled public meetings at the Miami-Dade Main Library and the Miami-Dade Hispanic Branch Library. Though these projects are meant to ease traffic congestion and improve the quality of life for residents and add to the visual appeal of Miami, short-term headaches and aggravation seem almost inevitable.


miami-posters-1-1416986-300x225When frustration behind the wheel of a motor vehicle starts to take over, motorists can very often start to lose control of their peace of mind; in other words, rage takes over and with rage, comes the chances of aggressive driving that can lead to accidents. When a frustrated or aggressive motorist begins to drive recklessly, the chances of an accident increase. That is why Perazzo Law recommends that motorists take some simple measures to avoid reckless or aggressive driving and to avoid road rage incidents. If you find yourself on the verge of a nervous breakdown because of being stuck in traffic, pull over and take a few deep breaths. If unable to pull over, listen to some relaxing music or simply remind yourself that there is no sense in getting worked-up over traffic. If you find yourself becoming more and more frustrated with having to drive, take public transportation or hire a rideshare service like Uber, Lyft, or Cabify, and let the driver worry about the traffic as you read the paper, surf the web, or check-out what’s happening on social media.

crash-car-1180834-300x242Reckless Driving and Heavy Traffic Related Accidents

Most often, when traffic is horrendous, motorists will begin to grow frustrated and become aggressive. When this happens, the chances of an accident increase. However, not all motorists become aggressive as many turn to their cell phones for relief. Sadly, turning to your cell phone when behind the wheel can also lead to an accident, as drivers distracted by cell phone use accounts for a large number of accidents, many of which result in personal injury to bicycle riders, pedestrians, and other motorists.
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