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TV Headbanger and Bruised Brain

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Miami Beach: A customer walks into a local restaurant for a nice meal with his family on the day of very popular sporting event. Like most hardcore sports fans, the customer’s eyes and attention immediately make their way towards the action taking place on the flat screen TV, which hangs adjacent to a metal beam that crosses the dining area along the ceiling. As his waiter guides him to the table offering the best view, the customer inadvertently strikes his head on the sharp bottom part of the TV. He immediately places his hand just above his forehead and notices that the impact has caused a flesh wound that includes some mild bleeding. Upon noticing the incident, the restaurant staff quickly attends to the customer by providing him with a paper napkin to place over the wound. The customer sits down and proceeds to wipe the blood from his minor cut. Eventually, the light bleeding stops and his dining experience goes on without any further mishaps. The game ends and so does the customer’s dining experience as he pays the bill and on their way they go. Some time later, the customer starts to experience periodic headaches. He takes the normal route; pain relief medication for temporary results. Concerned that the headaches were not going away, the customer decides to visit the doctor to explain the situation. The doctor asks him if he has suffered any head injuries over the past six months or so. The customer, now a patient, replies, ‘Yes, I banged my head against the sharp edge of a TV at a restaurant.’ “What?” cries the doctor. “How did you bang your head, exactly? “Well, explains patient, there was a TV hanging in the center of the lounge and I walked into it. I didn’t notice it was there.” “Was there any bleeding?” asks the doctor. “Yes,” replies the patient, but it was only a minor cut.” “Minor cut or no minor cut, if there is bleeding, chances of infection may exist. Did you to attend to the wound properly?” “Not really. I wiped it with a paper napkin that one of the waiters gave me.” “Oh, lord!” Replies the Doctor, somewhat concerned. “You should have treated the wound with some sort of antiseptic. One can never be too careful with cuts,  especially at your age, sir; No offense.” chuckles the doctor. “What now?” asks the patient. “We’re going to have to run a few blood tests to see if there is any infection and perform an MRI to rule out any internal head injury. “But, how much will all that cost, Doctor?” asks the patient. “It won’t be cheap. Do you have insurance?” “No, not really,” he replies. “Then I suggest you get a Personal Injury Lawyer to investigate the restaurant owners liability for the TV hanging in the center of the dining area. I suggest you contact the Perazzo Law Firm Today!

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