Uber and Lyft – Ride Share Accident Woes

Miami Law Firm Representing Uber and Lyft Accident Victims

Just like all registered motor-vehicles in Florida, Uber and Lyft carry insurance policies that serve to compensate accident victims for their legitimate claims. Furthermore, Uber and Lyft insurance policies can cover up to $1 million in compensation for personal injury, damage or losses. Thus, we consider it vital for Uber or Lyft passengers or third-party victims to remember that they are legally protected and covered in the event of an accident that involves one of these ride-share companies. Uber and Lyft drivers are usually cautious and take their rides seriously. However, many drivers spend long hours behind the wheel and many times have to take riders into uncharted neighborhoods. When these two factors combine, it’s just a matter of time before an accident occurs. When this happens, injured parties and all those on the receiving end of the accident should seek skilled legal representation to guarantee fair compensation for their losses and ordeals. Any individual that has been involved in an accident during an Uber or Lyft ride, or was hurt due to being crashed into or run over by an Uber or Lyft driver, may be legally eligible to receive compensation to cover medical expenses, car repairs, or any other losses as a result of the incident.

Driverless Uber Vehicles

Would you step into a vehicle that has nobody behind the wheel? Most certainly not. But, the future of driverless vehicles has arrived. Just like flying cars, automated vehicles are now a thing of the present. Uber has launched its first fully-automated vehicles and rideshare users can now step inside an Uber and not have to talk to anyone, simply because there is no one there. Scary as it may seem to place your trust in an invisible driver, Uber now provides driverless cars, which offer to take you anywhere you need to go by simply marking it on your phone or within the touchpad located by the passenger side headrest. But don’t be frightened if you see nobody behind the wheel, there is. A computer running a high-tech program will guide you along the streets and avenues of South Florida.

If you, a family member or loved-one has suffered personal injury, property loss or damage due to the negligence of an Uber or Lyft driver, either as a passenger, driver of another vehicle, bicycle rider, or pedestrian, the Perazzo Law Firm strongly urges you to Contact us online or Call (786) LAWS 411 for your FREE initial consultation.



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