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Uber Vomit Fraude Surging in Miami

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dont-hurl-girl-1549143-300x189Miami: Uber fraud involving fare adjustments to clean-up bodily fluid stains left behind by passengers is on the rise in Miami. This most recent scams involves Uber passengers being blamed for soiling the Uber driver’s vehicle with vomit. In other words, an Uber passenger will get dropped-off just fine, then notice an added fee tacked-on to their bill, holding the passenger responsible for soiling the Uber driver’s vehicle. The fee ranges from $80 – $150 depending on the Uber driver’s personal scam level. Sadly, there is not much the passenger can do but to contact the Uber helpline and receive a reply that does nothing to revert the clean-up fee, as it’s basically the Uber driver’s word against the passengers. In Uber’s defense, there exist rides in which passengers do indeed get sick during a ride for reasons which may go from motion sickness, to passengers boarding with an excess of food, alcohol, or narcotics in them. Whatever the case, Uber vomit fraud indeed exists in Miami. But what to do to prevent Uber vomit fraud? Firstly, report the case to Uber via the help button on the Uber website. Unfortunately, this may prove useless as the fraudulent Uber driver may have already submitted bogus photos of his/her soiled vehicle seat. Vomit is not alone when it comes to fraudulent clean-up claims by Uber drivers on unsuspecting Uber passengers. Liquids such as beer, wine, whiskey, blood, and even urine are on the clean-up list. As well as muddy footwear or soiled clothing leaving stains or odors. An Uber spokesperson has stated that they are looking into possible fraud cases to safeguard passenger satisfaction. However, it’s hard to prove whether or not a passenger does indeed dirty an Uber driver’s vehicle. The spokesperson added; “With 15 million trips a day, Uber is unfortunately not immune to these types of incidents.” Perazzo Law suggests passengers to send several emails to resolve their complaints by notifying Uber that there was no incident. After that, it’s a matter of waiting for Uber to investigate and determine whether or not to refund the clean-up fee. Sadly, not many bogus vomit claims go in favor of the passenger, with reported incidents of Uber canceling a passengers accounts on account of their legitimate gripes.

Perazzo Law sheds light on How Safe Uber really is?

Though the Uber app is practically flawless, it’s drivers are average citizens and it’s vehicles vulnerable to human error. It goes without saying that the majority of Uber drivers are honest and hard working. Nevertheless, there exist Uber drivers that are out to scam passengers and even non-passengers. There are reported cases of Uber clients being billed for rides they never took and even charged extra for cancellations from Uber driver no-shows. Furthermore, crooked Uber drivers drivers are quick to tack-on clean-up fees to passengers that allegedly leave behind bodily fluid in their vehicles. In fact, one Uber client fell victim to vomit fraud twice in one night. Unfortunately, and despite numerous attempts, the Miami Uber client was never reimbursed for the bogus clean-up charge. Uber drivers that are out to scam passengers may also be prone to negligence behind the wheel, which could lead to Uber accidents in Miami. Fortunately, Uber, just like all rideshare companies, have ample insurance coverage to compensate passengers and third parties for personal injury, property damage or loss. The bottom line is that there are thousands of Uber drivers operating on Miami streets, avenues, and roadways everyday, and accidents involving Uber are bound to happen sooner or later. (See: RIDESHARE ACCIDENT CLAIMS)

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