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The Most Common Accidents while on Vacation in Miami

miami-city-1218429-300x225Jonathan Perazzo, personal injury lawyer and founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, explains some of the most common personal injury accidents suffered by vacationers in Miami.

Were you, a friend, or relative injured in an accident while on vacation in Miami? If so, you are not alone as every year, an average of 20 million tourists from the U.S. and around the world visit Miami for business or pleasure, with many fallen victim to negligence which leads to accidents and injuries. While tourism provides a leading source of income for the travel industry and hospitality sectors, it also lends itself to insurance, legal, and medical matters when tourists are involved in accidents. When vacationers are injured in Miami, most often they are involved in accidents that takes place at hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, city streets, or inside vehicles. Whatever the case, an accident while on vacation in Miami can occur at any time given the hustle and bustle of this busy South Florida city. But what are some of the most common accidents in which vacationers in Miami are involved?

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm understands that vacationers venture into many parts of the city in a carefree and relaxed manner. This can include strolling the streets, window shopping at malls, cycling along the coastal bike paths, or even riding in an Uber. Whether injuries from accidents are minor or serious, they should be treated and dealt with immediately and appropriately to prevent future complications. Regardless, knowing how to handle an accident depends greatly on the type of accident and the injuries sustained by the accident victim. In this article, the Perazzo Law Firm will break down the most common types of accidents suffered by vacationers in Miami.

The Most Common Vacation Accident in Miami

Vacationers in Miami have a lot to chose from when it comes to entertainment and sightseeing. That’s why no matter what you chose to do, it will involve some means of transportation, and even on foot, there is a chance of being the victim of an accident.

The Perazzo Law Firm breaks down the most common accidents involving tourists in Miami.

Miami-Car-Accident-Lawyer-300x200Car Accidents: tourists, regardless of where they are staying or for how long, will need to get from A to B at some time or another. This may involve renting a car, taking a taxi, or hiring a share ride service such as Uber, Lyft, or Cabify. Whenever an individual gets into a moving vehicle in Miami, the chances of being involved in a car crash exist as Miami-Dade County ranks at the top when it comes to car accidents, especially during the winter months ranging from November thru March. Furthermore, Miami-Dade roadways such as the I95,  US1, and the 836 Causeway are among the most dangerous for Miami motorists. Though not all car accidents in Miami end in serious injury, the Perazzo Law Firm staff of car accident attorneys know that even the slightest fender-bender can cause a head, neck, or back injury, as the cervical spine is perhaps the most fragile area of the human body. Whenever there is a front or rear impact, the cervical spine is most at risk due to the violent motion to which it is submitted. The cervical spine is a fragile series of discs that when dealt a blow, may be damaged and require medical attention and physical therapy to remedy. That is why, the lawyers at the Perazzo Law Firm strongly urge vacationers that are involved in a moving vehicle accident to seek medical attention immediately following a car crash. Also, car accident victims should contact a personal injury lawyer for sound advice on what to do after a car accident while on vacation. The Miami personal injury lawyer, Jonathan Perazzo, recommends visiting a public hospital for a medical evaluation to rule out a cervical spine injury and to have a record with which to pursue an insurance claim for compensation to cover any future medical expenses or economic losses stemming from the car accident(see What to do after a car accident in Miami). Uber, Lyft, and Cabify are reliable and safe for both locals and tourists. Nevertheless, they get into accidents. Whenever a passenger in one of these rideshare services vehicles is involved in an accident, they may be covered for as much as $1 million through the companies insurance policy. Renting a car is a very comfortable way to get around in Miami. However, driving in Miami can be very dangerous when vacationers do not know their way around, and like mentioned earlier, Miami is one of the most dangerous cities in Florida for motorists. Thus, better to hire an Uber or take a cab when looking to get from A to B in Miami.

pedestrian-accident-lawyer-miami-300x300Pedestrian Accidents: Walking used to be the safest means for getting around in Miami. However, the rise in the use of handheld communication devices such as smartphones, has made walking one of the most dangerous activities for Miami vacationers. Whether crossing the street or waiting to cross at an intersection, pedestrians run the risk of being run over, sometimes due to driver negligence and other times, as a result of their own personal distraction since they may be busy snapping that perfect picture while crossing the street unaware of oncoming traffic. Both pedestrians and motorists are commonly distracted by cellphone use, and this causes a rise in the chances of falling victim to injuries from accidents. Miami is one of the most dangerous cities in Florida for pedestrians, followed by Orlando when it comes to vacationers. Avenues and busy intersections are common places for pedestrian accidents. Most often, pedestrian accident are the result of negligent motorists or bike riders that do not give pedestrians the right of way or fail to respect traffic signals. Dark streets and parking lots are also common areas where pedestrians suffer accidents. Poor lighting can make it difficult for motorists to spot pedestrians, especially when they are wearing dark clothing. Parking lots that are poorly lit, may cause a pedestrian to not detect cracks in the floor or areas soiled by engine oil or other slippery substances. Poorly lit areas should always be avoided as they can sometimes be hotspots for crime such as muggings or stabbings.

667b45ba-257f-4e86-b142-0e5b179387dd-300x300Slip and Fall Accidents: Walking surfaces are meant to be safe, however, people slip and fall due to many reasons. Most commonly, slip and fall accidents involve unsafe walking surfaces at hotels, restaurants, shops, and malls, and Miami has plenty of them all.

Common places for slip and fall accidents include:

Hotel swimming pools – wet walking surfaces are among the most common causes for slip and fall accidents involving tourists and vacationers.

Bars and restaurants – many times waiters or diners may accidently spill food or drinks on the floor which can lead to a slip and fall accident. Soiled surfaces may go unnoticed under dim lighting or on surfaces that are shiny or waxed. Carpeted floors are safer than waxed floors but sometimes a carpet may be ripped or torn, and this can lead to a trip and fall accident.

Ramps, staircases, and steps – for many people such as the elderly or physically challenged, these walking areas may lead to an accident, especially if the lighting is poor or the walking surfaces are soiled with grime, oils, or liquids. Loose handrails can also lead to a slip and fall accident on ramps, stairs, or steps, especially on the way down (see Slip & Fall Accidents in Miami).

Shopping malls and retail stores – Miami has a vast range of stores, shops, and malls to choose from. Elevators, escalators, and stairscases inside shopping malls are where most slip and fall accidents occur. A slip and fall on an escalator can lead to serious bodily injury to the accident victim and can include cuts, bruises, fractures, and breaks. Accidents which take place inside a shopping mall should be dealt with immediately by contacting mall security and seeking medical attention. Eyewitness testimony should also be gathered in the event of an insurance claim for compesation to cover medical expenses or losses is sought. The legal advice of a dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyer is very useful following an accident that takes place in a shopping mall.

Some of the most popular shopping malls in Miami include:

  • Bayside Marketplace
  • Lincoln Road
  • Miami Design District
  • Brickell City Center
  • Dolphin Mall
  • The Falls Shopping Center
  • Shops at Midtown Miami
  • Upper Buena Vista
  • CocoWalk
  • Village at Merrick Park
  • Fifth and Alton
  • Mall of the Americas

shopping-handbag-1514074Accidents inside shopping malls not only occur on escalators, elevators, or stairs as they can also take place inside shops. Sometimes, display cases, clothes racks, or even furniture can lead to a trip and fall situation. A shopper may be browsing items and trip over a mirror have a shelf fall on top of them. There are many situations in which a shopper may suffer an accident while shopping or browsing for goods in a shop. Following a slip and fall accident in a shopping mall, the accident victim will have to fill out a slip and fall accident claim form. This form should be signed and a copy should be given to the accident victim so he/she can present it to his/her personal injury lawyer. In Miami, Jonathan Perazzo recommends seeking medical attention at a local healthcare facility, with a follow-up by the accident victim’s family doctor.

Biking Accidents – though city officials and urban planners have worked hard to make Miami safe for bike riders by modernizing bike paths and signaling, motorists fail to give cyclists the respect they deserve. Thus, bike riders run a very high risk of being involved in an accident, especially when bike lanes are flooded with rollerbladers, skateboarders, and even scooter riders.

In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm staff of personal injury lawyers recommend that Miami vacationers injured in accidents always seek immediate medical care followed up by a consultation with one of our attorneys. This will almost certainly guarantee that your accident receives the seriousness that it deserves and that your suffering and losses are not in vain.

If you, a friend, or relative has been injured while on vacation in Miami, contact the Perazzo Law Firm ONLINE for a FREE initial consultation and ZERO OUT-OF-POCKET FEES to our personal injury clients.


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