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Car Manufacturers pump-out hundreds of thousands of vehicles every year and are constantly rolling out new designs aimed at enhancing style, comfort, and safety, all of which require advanced technological complexity. It’s this complexity that makes car manufactures more prone to design and manufacturing defects, which in turn can lead to personal injury from car accidents. Because when motorists operate defective vehicles, there is a potential threat of suffering personal injury from a crash. That’s when car companies recall the vehicles they consider are dangerous to drivers, pedestrians, and anyone on the road. But what happens when a vehicle owner or driver is involved in an accident that stems from a defective car part, faulty software, or self-deploying airbag? That’s when accident victims, friends or family need to consult the professional advice of the Perazzo Law Firm in Miami.

Common Product Liability Claims involving Motor Vehicles

Car accidents and injuries from motor vehicle collisions on Miami avenues, streets, and highways, are normally the result of human error or negligence such as reckless driving, drunk driving, cell phone use, or third party negligence.

Third party negligence can include any of the following:

  • Faulty Auto Parts such as brakes, chassis, suspension, tires, etc..
  • Defective Airbags. Manufacturing or installation flaws can lead to self deployment of airbags. See Airbag Accidents
  • Dealership Mechanical Error. Dealerships and authorized mechanics may sometimes not do their best when replacing, repairing, installing, or simply inspecting a vehicle.
  • Manufacturing Defects: Manufacturers may design a vehicle that is prone to an accident.
  • Software Flaws: Modern vehicle rely on software. When the software is outdated or contains glitches, the chances of being in an accident are greater.


Safety recalls were rolled-out this past Wednesday on seven popular models of Ford vehicles built between 2009-2017. The Ford vehicle recalls include a potpourri of manufacturing flaws like bad suspension on the 2011-2017 Explorers manufactured in Chicago, to faulty power train software modules on the F-150s built in the Dearborn or Kansas City plants. Other vehicles include the Ford Econoline, which has weld failures that may affect acceleration, and sedans like the Taurus, Flex, Lincolns MKS & MKL which have serious rear suspension defect that can cause accidents.  According to news made public by the Ford Motor Company on its official website, the 2013 six-speed, 5.0 or 6.2 liter-engine F-150’s that were manufactured at the Dearborn plant between May 2012-October 2013, have been recalled because of software issues that control the vehicle power-train. Ford dealerships will fix the software problem by reprogramming the control module. The recall also includes F-150’s assembled at its Kansas City plant from April – November 2012.  In all, over 122,000 F-150’s have been recalled in the U.S. and Canada. Ford has also recalled its Ford Explorer model for having faulty rear suspension issues which could lead to cracks in the rear suspension toe links. If a rear suspension toe link cracks while driving at high speeds, the driver may lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident that can result in serious personal injury, damages, losses, and even wrongful death. In the United State and Canada, over 1.2 million Explorers have been recalled as a result of faulty rear suspensions. A rear suspension malfunction can be serious in the event of a collision rear or side collision. Side collisions usually result in shoulder, hip, or leg injuries. Head injuries are less likely when airbags deploy properly. Regardless, injuries may incur from airbag deployment. Neck injuries are most often associated with rear-end or head-on collisions. Neck injuries should never be taken lightly and Perazzo Law recommends that car accident victims seek medical care to rule-out injury to the spinal cord and any of the many vertebrae that keep our necks moving naturally and pain-free. Neck injuries can lead to numbness in the arms, fingers, and toes, as well as headaches and even dizziness. Ford’s multitudinous rear suspension recall also includes Taurus, Flex, Lincolns MKS & MKL.

Rear-suspension accidents, as well as any accidents believed to have been brought on from manufacturing flaws, must be proven. That is why motor vehicle accident victims need to consult Perazzo Law online. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm urges Ford vehicle owners to check the Ford Site for more detailed information on the Ford model & full reason for the recall. Authorized Ford dealers & mechanics will be able to replace defective parts or update software applications as deemed necessary & free of charge.



Corporations that manufacture, distribute, or commercialize goods to used or consumed by individuals are required by law to be safe and hazard-free to consumers. Thus, any product or service that causes Personal Injury to individuals or results in damage to personal property, falls under the legal area of Products Liability. If you or a loved-one has suffered personal injury or damage to personal property because of a defective product, lack of proper warning, or service negligence, then you may have a case for Product Liability in Miami.

The Perazzo Law Firm offers its personal injury clients ZERO OUT-OF-POCKET FEES and is dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible legal representation with which to confront insurance companies and manufacturers of defective goods and services.


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