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Christmas Eve Shootout at Local Mall


The Perazzo Law Firm Shares insight into Premises Liability Accident Claims in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties

I was injured in a shootout at a shopping mall.

CHRISTMAS EVE: Last-minute shoppers were cast into a whirlpool of panic when a shootout between the Palm Beach police and a notorious gang member broke out at The Mall at Wellington Green this Christmas Eve.

At approximately 5pm, the local authorities arrived in numbers to apprehend a Latin Kings gang member wanted for attempted murder at a Palm Beach County bar a week before. The deputies secured a perimeter inside the shopping mall parking lot and were planning to take the suspect by surprise upon exiting. Mayhem broke out when the suspect and two companions refused arrest. One of the men accompanying the gang member began running and was chased down by a police dog. Sadly, the man shot the police dog while it was in pursuit and died later a local animal hospital. The deputies fired back and shot the suspect, who is reported to be pretty badly wounded. Meanwhile, panic-stricken shoppers both inside and outside the mall ran for cover as the gunfire blared within the mall, which was shut down after the shooting incident.

Perazzo Law represents Premises Liability Claims for Compensation following an accident that results in personal injury, damage, or loss within a private residence or public commercial area. If you have been hurt inside a mall, restaurant, hotel, bar, or parking lot, you may be able to file a personal injury claim for compensation. See the Cities Served by Perazzo Law.

Insight into Premises Liabilitywoman-inside-turnstile-1462183-225x300

Premises Liability protects shoppers and business patrons against situations which may cause personal injury to them or anyone else. Commercial establishments and private residences must be safe for those that enter these premises, thus any injuries incurred by individuals may hold grounds for a premises liability accident claim. In a most recent premises liability situation, a shopper was hurt as he was walking out the double doors which closed automatically through the use of a hydraulic system. In this case, the hydraulic system was not properly adjusted and the doors closed with more force than needed and without giving the shopper enough time to exit the store. Thus, as the shopper was walking out, the door shut forcefully and caught the shoppers ankle. The incident led to the shopper suffering personal injury as the edges of the doors, combined with their force and weight, caused cuts and bruises. This case has the grounds for a premises liability claim as the doors were not properly adjusted, which in turn is a form of negligence. The shopper’s wounds and the time it took for him to seek proper medical attention has a price, whether because the accident victim had to spend money on medical treatment or suffer lost wages due to not being able to go to work. If something like this happens to an elderly person or small child, the injuries sustained could be much more serious. Perazzo Law reminds accident victims that any permanent injuries sustained as a result of another’s negligence can legitimately file a compensation claim.

pool-1534215-300x200Kinds of Premises Liability Accident Claims and Situations:

  1. A person falls inside a restaurant because there was something slippery on the floor.
  2. A person falls down the steps because the handrail was loose.
  3. A escalator causes someone to fall after it comes to a sudden stop.
  4. An elevator plunges to the ground because of negligent service and repair.
  5. A bartender serves a customer too much alcohol and then allows the customer to drive-off. The drunk customer crashes shortly after driving away.
  6. A poorly maintained electrical device causes an individual to be electrocuted.
  7. An overhanging object falls on someone’s head and causes injury.
  8. Someone drowns in a hotel swimming pool.
  9. There was no security personnel present to deter a crime.
  10. No warnings signs were clearly posted to prevent an accident.

The Perazzo Law Firm has vast experience fighting for client’s rights after suffering personal injury on public or private premises. We provide our clients with full-service representation and handle every aspect of the Premises Liability claim. Our professional personal injury staff is ready and committed to helping our personal injury clients focus on recovering from their personal injuries while we focus all possible resources on handling the full scope of the legal matters that a Premises Liability case entails.

don-t-slip-1316268-300x146Slip and Fall Accidents can be just as common as car accidents because they are not limited to roadways. Slip and fall injuries can occur anywhere and if you have had an unexpected Slip and Fall incident, the owner or operator of the establishment or business where the accident occurred may have been negligent. It is the duty of the owner/operator to make the premises safe for their patrons. The causes of personal injury accidents are likely to be from cracked floors or tiles, excess water or oil leaks, etc. If you have experienced a slip and fell, we recommend that you be sure to document the condition of the floor or location where the accident took place. For example, was the carpet frayed or were there warning cones to mark a slippery floor. Premises Liability and Personal Injury must be addressed by both medical and legal professionals.

We urge accident victims to seek legal counsel if any of the following situations apply:

  • I was hurt while buying something at a market or mall.
  • I fell while walking through a dark parking lot. (Parking Lot Accidents)
  • I tripped and was hurt when I fell at a restaurant.
  • I was attacked outside a commercial establishment.
  • I fell down the steps of an apartment building.

The Perazzo Law Firm considers it best to gather as much evidence as possible to help support your Premises Liability case. Here are some types of evidence the Perazzo Law Firm suggests you gather:

  • Official Accident Reports
  • Photographs or Video Footage
  • Property Records or Lease Contracts
  • Healthcare and Treatment Records
  • Medical Bills Incurred
  • Witness Testimonies
  • Property Maintenance Records

If you or a loved-one has suffered personal injury due to the negligence of a property owner or operator, we urge you to Contact Perazzo Law ONLINE or call (786) LAWS-411 for your FREE initial consultation.

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