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  • Has your new leased vehicle been acting strange?
  • Is your new car or truck in constant need of mechanical service?
  • Is your leased vehicle spending more time at the dealer than on the road?
  • Has your new car or truck placed you in danger because of an unexpected malfunction?
  • Do you know what the Lemon Law is and how it protects you after leasing or purchasing a new car or truck?
If you have purchased a new vehicle that spends too much time in the shop or dealer, you may be able to get the vehicle replaced or your money back. Contact the PERAZZO LAW FIRM now for a FREE initial consultation about a Lemon Law Car Claim.

In Miami, Jonathan Perazzo, personal injury attorney and founder at the Perazzo Law Firm, answers the question: 
perazzo-law-295x300What is the Lemon Law in Miami?
In an effort to protect new car buyers and the Lemon Law was created so that vehicle manufacturers and dealerships rebuy or replace cars or trucks that are defective in some way and make them unsafe to operate. Most often a vehicle will qualify as defective when it requires multiple repairs for the same malfunction or if the vehicle is unjustifiably at the repair shop for an extended period of time. Though each state has its own set of Lemon Law particularities, most states agree that the Lemon Law covers vehicles that may place drivers, passengers, and other third-parties in danger when operating the vehicle. This may include vehicle software that controls airbags to a poor braking system. In other words, if your leased vehicle doesn’t brake correctly or if the engine fails to start normally, then you may be eligible to file a Lemon Law claim with a personal injury lawyer in Miami-Dade.  Though filing a Lemon Law is fairly simple, it’s just as simple for a dealer’s lawyer to reject your claim. It’s always best to get the help of an experienced attorney in Miami to help with legal matters that involve reimbursement or compensation. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm reminds vehicle owners suffering regular mechanical problems that the lemon law only applies to new vehicles. If you vehicle is not under lease, then it is considered old and you will not be able to file a lemon law claim.
Not all cars roll off the production line perfect!
  • The Lemon Law protects buyer of a new vehicle if the vehicle is proven to be defective.
  • The Lemon Law applies to new or leased vehicles that suffer defects or malfunctioning.
  • The Lemon Law does not apply to used cars, used trucks, or other used vehicles.
  • The Lemon Law will not cover new or leased vehicles that suffer minor problems that do not affect the vehicle operation, for example: paint problems
  • The Lemon Law obliges a dealership to buy the vehicle back.
  • The Lemon Law may apply if a defect or flaw greatly lowers the vehicle’s market value.
  • The Lemon Law may apply if the new vehicle is under warranty and multiple repairs fail to solve the problem.
Florida residents that purchase a new vehicle should contact Jonathan Perazzo for a FREE initial consultation on how to move forward with a Lemon Law Claim. In Miami, the Perazzo Law Firm’s office are ready to handle your claim and fight for you after buying a lemon.

What will a Lemon Law Attorney do for the buyer of a defective vehicle that is under warranty?


In Miami, a lemon law attorney will firstly, request all service records. Thus, it’s important to keep all service records in order to help verify any defective or odd functioning of the new vehicle. Authorized dealerships and service mechanics must provide vehicle owners with a service record for vehicles under warranty and services received. Vehicles that are deemed unfixable, will usually be replaced. Today’s vehicles are equipped with very complex operating systems that provide the driver with high tech comforts. Sometimes, the software is flawed and the vehicle owner deserves to be provided with a vehicle that functions properly in every way. A brand new vehicle that is under warranty, should not be spending more time than what it takes for a routine oil change and tune up. Problems with self deploying airbags can lead to severe personal injury to drivers and passengers, as well as lead to other sorts of accidents and permanent injury.

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